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Economic magazine “Moldova Invest”

Number 1, May 2022

The decision to publish an economic magazine was, of course, a must for News Moldova, given the reactions received in early 2022 from private and state entities in the counties of the North East Region of Romania

Of course, the year 2022 should be an eminently economic one in terms of the challenges posed by the impact of the energy and gas bill crisis, the labor crisis in the Moldovan region, significant increases in raw materials and fuels all overlapping the economic profile of the last two years stroken by the effects of pandemic restrictions. Obviously, external tensions on Romania’s borders only further discourage the economic environment.
In this difficult economic context, we adopted the decision to focus our efforts on a better knowledge of the economic-administrative framework specific to the Region of Moldova through a profile magazine.
“MOLDOVA INVEST”, the name of this economic publication, was not chosen by chance!
The purpose of the “MOLDOVA INVEST” magazine is dedicated to highlighting the investment spectrum made by companies with private or state capital but also by public institutions in the counties of Moldova: Bacău, Botoșani, Iași, Neamț, Suceava, Vaslui.

Each edition of the magazine “MOLDOVA INVEST” will present information from all the counties of Moldova, but it will especially emphasize the investment projects of a certain county. In the first issue, the county selected was Suceava!

The region of Moldova has really suffered from chronic underfunding over the last 32 years. Regardless of whether we analyze the state of the large road infrastructure, the medical spectrum or the presence of foreign direct investment in the regional economic environment, the conclusion is the same: Moldova has been isolated.

The effects of this isolation are extremely strong economically, socially and even administratively. Faced with a massive depopulation, with no real possibilities to implement large-scale administrative projects and with a weak economy in terms of industrial production based mainly on services and agriculture, Moldova is experiencing growing and extremely dangerous gaps compared to the region. Transylvania.

The isolation of Moldova and the effects of this isolation felt acutely through systemic and social problems risk raising serious security problems for Romania, in the perspective of a Europe that faces extremely difficult and complex situations such as the one in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. . Don’t you think that the time has come for the situation of Moldova (a region bordering the European Union with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova) to become a governmental priority?!?

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