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China is heading towards an increase in shipments of AI-equipped computers

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China is heading towards an increase in shipments of AI-equipped computers

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China is poised to experience robust growth in the shipment of AI-equipped personal computers (PCs) in the coming years

Industry experts anticipate a surge in the adoption of AI-powered PCs, driven primarily by the rapid advancement of large language models (LLMs) and the swift integration of generative AI technology into hardware devices.

These AI PCs, which embed AI into their processors, herald a significant shift in the PC landscape and are expected to initiate a new cycle of product replacement. According to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), China’s PC market is projected to sustain steady growth over the next five years, with AI-powered PCs anticipated to capture 85 percent of the market share by 2027.

IDC data indicates a substantial global uptick in AI PC shipments, with numbers forecasted to climb from approximately 50 million units in the present year to over 167 million by 2027. By the end of 2027, AI PCs are projected to constitute nearly 60 percent of all PC shipments worldwide.

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The consultancy predicts a ramp-up in AI PC shipments beginning in 2024, with the technology transitioning from a niche market to mainstream adoption over the subsequent years. While commercial buyers are expected to drive a significant portion of these sales, consumers can anticipate enhancements in PC gaming and digital content creation with the advent of AI-capable PCs.

Wang Jiping, Vice President of IDC China, foresees AI PCs catalyzing disruptive changes within the PC industry, noting the release of AI-related products by major Chinese PC manufacturers. Wang emphasizes the pivotal role of the next two to three years in advancing the application of AI technology across electronic devices.

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Canalys, an industry research firm, anticipates a resurgence in China’s PC market, with a projected 3 percent growth in 2024 and 10 percent in 2025, fueled primarily by renewed demand from the commercial sector. Emma Xu, an analyst from Canalys, expects this commercial push to coincide with a device refreshment cycle and the emergence of AI-capable PCs, offering significant opportunities for the PC sector.

Canalys projects worldwide shipments of 48 million AI PCs in 2024, constituting 18 percent of total PC shipments. However, this is just the beginning of a substantial market shift, with AI-capable PC shipments expected to surpass 100 million in 2025, comprising 40 percent of all PC shipments.

Experts emphasize the immense potential and broad-reaching impact of AI-capable PCs over the next five years and beyond. Vendors capable of delivering innovative, differentiated AI-accelerated experiences stand to benefit as this disruptive category gains mainstream acceptance.

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Ishan Dutt, Principal Analyst at Canalys, highlights the benefits of PCs with dedicated on-device AI capabilities, including improved user experiences, productivity gains, personalization at scale, enhanced power efficiency, stronger security, and reduced costs associated with running AI workloads.

Xiang Ligang, Director-General of the Information Consumption Alliance, underscores the transitional phase in the application of generative AI, noting the profound impact AI will have on the IT industry. As companies race to introduce AI-enhanced products and services, the application of AI is expected to permeate various sectors, driving innovation and assisting customers with AI implementation.

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