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Moldova’s Finance Minister, Petru Rotaru, met with his Romanian counterpart, Marcel Boloș

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Moldova’s Finance Minister, Petru Rotaru, met with his Romanian counterpart, Marcel Boloș

Forumul Economic Regional Moldova 2024 – Vatra Dornei, 4–6 iulie

The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, Petru Rotaru, met with his Romanian counterpart, Marcel Boloș, in Bucharest, in order to find the best solutions for better cooperation between the two ministries and other relevant aspects for both countries.

On the agenda of the meeting were topics such as the development of the state securities market and direct sales to individuals, the macroeconomic and budgetary situation of both countries, economic cooperation and the interconnection of capital markets between Moldova and Romania, as well as investment opportunities in Moldova and the perspective of the business environment in the context of Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

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Also attending the meeting were state secretaries from the Romanian Ministry of Finance, Carmen Moraru and Alin Andrieș. Minister Petru Rotaru expressed his gratitude for the continuous support provided to the Republic of Moldova by the Romanian state and the Ministry of Finance of Romania, emphasizing the importance of the Moldovan-Romanian partnership in promoting the country’s interests and facilitating its European path.

Officials also addressed aspects related to fiscal and customs administration, the progress made by the Republic of Moldova in customs administration in the context of implementing the new Customs Code, as well as the importance of digitizing public services to increase the efficiency of fiscal administration and improve transparency in relations with citizens and the business environment. The two ministers reiterated their interest in developing new cooperation opportunities and confirmed the commitment of both countries to continue their good collaboration.

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Minister of Finance, Petru Rotaru, was part of the Moldovan delegation led by Prime Minister Dorin Recean, who participated yesterday in the second edition of the “Moldova – Romania: Capital Bridges” Forum, organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, together with partners from the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

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