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Egyptian Minister Al-Gazzar engages Saudi delegation in sectoral opportunities

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Egyptian Minister Al-Gazzar engages Saudi delegation in sectoral opportunities

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During a meeting on Monday evening, Egypt’s Minister responsible for Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Assem Al-Gazzar, engaged with Prince Khalid Bin Saud Bin Turki Al Saud, CEO of the Saudi SFIG Group Amr Afifi, and their team

The purpose was to highlight diverse investment opportunities across multiple sectors.

Al-Gazzar emphasized Egypt’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and fostering a conducive investment climate, particularly for Arab nations. He underscored Egypt’s potential for investment across various sectors, notably in burgeoning new urban developments.

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Specifically, the Housing Minister showcased numerous investment openings in tourism, hospitality, and food production—sectors that piqued the Saudi delegation’s interest. Among the highlighted opportunities were projects like the Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital and the Downtown Towers zone in the New Alamein City.

Prince Khalid Bin Saud Bin Turki Al Saud praised Egypt’s significant strides in rapidly developing these substantial projects across diverse sectors within remarkably short periods. He reiterated a strong interest in investing in Egypt, recognizing its promising investment opportunities spanning various industries.

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