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President of China, Xi Jinping, met with the Netherland’s PM, Mark Rutte, on Wednesday, in Beijing

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President of China, Xi Jinping, met with the Netherland’s PM, Mark Rutte, on Wednesday, in Beijing

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President of China, Xi Jinping, met with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, on Wednesday in Beijing.

President Xi emphasized the Netherlands’ role as a “gateway” for cooperation between China and the European Union (EU), stating that the People’s Republic of China is willing to maintain exchanges at various levels with the Netherlands, promote communication and dialogue, and pursue common benefits and mutually advantageous results.

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China is open to expand its imports of high-quality goods from the Netherlands and encourages Dutch enterprises to invest in China, provided they benefit from a fair and transparent business environment, Xi stated. He also urged both parties to continue traditional cooperation in areas such as agriculture, irrigation, and energy, and to explore the potential for collaboration in artificial intelligence (AI), green transformation, and the silver economy, among others.

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President Xi also expressed hope that the two nations will facilitate personnel exchanges and promote educational, cultural, and subnational exchanges. Xi underscored that despite potential difficulties in the context of economic globalization, the historical trend will not change. He reiterated that there is no alternative to openness and cooperation, and the Chinese people have legitimate rights to development, being determined to advance in scientific and technological progress. China will continue to promote a mutually beneficial approach, open up to the outside world at a high level, and share the benefits of development with all parties.

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