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Cosmin Murarașu, founder of REAL TOUR RO: “Technology is a fundamental tool in the conservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of tourism”

muzee de la sat - Moldova Invest


Cosmin Murarașu, founder of REAL TOUR RO: “Technology is a fundamental tool in the conservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of tourism”

Forumul Economic Regional Moldova 2024 – Vatra Dornei, 4–6 iulie

Cosmin Murarașu is the founder of Real Tour Ro, an advertising agency and provider of interactive 3D virtual tours established in 2019

With academic backgrounds in Business Management and Visual Communication (Scotland, UK), Marketing (UPA Iași), and Destination Management (USV Suceava), Cosmin is an expert in 3D scanning, rendering, and modeling, possessing extensive experience in creating interactive 3D virtual tours.

cosmin murarasu muzee de la sat - Moldova Invest
Real Tour Ro creates customized interactive 3D virtual tours for museums, the hospitality and food service industry (HoReCa), real estate, and more, which generate website traffic and enhance the online visibility of locations. The company employs the latest technologies to create realistic and detailed virtual tours of sites in Romania, fully integrated with Google Street View, Maps, and Earth.

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Benefits of the Interactive 3D Virtual Tours offered by Real Tour Ro include:

  •  Universality: Allows exploration of spaces without geographical or temporal restrictions
  •  Interactivity: Users can navigate at their own pace and learn in detail about the displayed elements.
  •  Education: Tours improve information retention through visual presentations of the historical and cultural context.
  • Marketing: Increases visibility and attracts more physical visitors, serving as an effective promotional strategy.
  • Conservation: Ensures the digital documentation of important details for future generations.

One of the flagship projects of Real Tour Ro is “Muzee de la Sat” (Village Museums), the first online platform dedicated to rural museums, which highlights the tangible cultural heritage of the Romanian countryside through technology.

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Launched on December 1, 2021, this initiative, a project awarded co-funding from the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN), aims to increase the visibility of rural museums. It offers free access to over 90 virtual tours from Moldova (2021), Muntenia (2022), Dobrogea (2023), and Maramureș (2024).

The project seeks to attract a diverse audience to Romanian museums, supporting the conservation of heritage and the development of cultural tourism. The platform becomes an essential resource for education and research in the field of Romanian culture and traditions.

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muzee de la sat - Moldova Invest

The “Muzee de la Sat” team is composed of professionals passionate about cultural heritage. Cosmin, the founder of Real Tour Ro, coordinates the project and brings his expertise in 3D scanning and virtual tours. Alongside him, Ionuț Teoderașcu, the project manager, contributes with his photographic skills, and Nicoleta Felea handles PR and content creation. The team is rounded out by Silvia-Alexandra Nistor, a certifi ed translator, and George Patriche, a self-taught videographer.

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