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The objectives of the Moldova EuroRegion outlined for the first time in Brussels. The Moldova Regional Economic Forum in 2024 will play a major role in the region’s development

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The objectives of the Moldova EuroRegion outlined for the first time in Brussels. The Moldova Regional Economic Forum in 2024 will play a major role in the region’s development

In 2024, the development of the Moldova EuroRegion is planned, aiming to improve international visibility and attract investments through an innovative entrepreneurial strategy and economic diplomacy

“The year 2023 has been particularly important for me due to the accumulation of experiences. I have had continuous interaction with local, regional, and even national authorities in the economic sphere.

The private sector continues to rightly exhibit reservation towards the public sector, undoubtedly influenced by the experiences of the past 30 years. This is regrettable in itself because it generates the impossibility of shaping joint efforts that would accelerate investment attraction and stimulate foreign trade in the regions, thus maximizing Moldova’s potential.

The most important lesson learned in 2023 is that the significant shortcoming experienced in Northeast Romania is driven by a lack of confidence in our own capabilities. Yes, many may not agree with me, citing: the lack of road infrastructure and utilities, labor force shortage, the quality of political and administrative representation. Perhaps many other aspects as well.

However, if you carefully and deeply analyze the current geopolitical situation, you will find that we will soon benefit from significant road infrastructure due to the international situation at our borders. Business opportunities that have not existed in the past 33 years will soon arise, and the same shifts in the international paradigm favor us, including in terms of supplementing, not replacing, the workforce in the Moldova EuroRegion. Regarding the labor force, there is the possibility of convincing our fellow citizens to return home and encouraging young people not to leave their families. This way, we can avoid replacing the workforce and only supplement it with resources from Asia or other parts of the globe.

We look confidently towards 2024.

It will not be easy, and obviously we need to act with great prudence and wisdom.

Four rows of electoral choices, overlapping economic crises, a delayed European financial exercise, insecurity at the borders, and the list goes on! All these factors can overnight transform from fears into vulnerabilities that will be paid for by the entire society, plunging us into an unprecedented crisis.

But we have chosen to act! If we have the support of the authorities and the business environment, we will do it intelligently and united, positioning the Moldova EuroRegion on the map of strategic interest in Southeast Europe. We do not have enough VISIBILITY! However, we have intensified our efforts in interacting with the embassies in Bucharest of the European Union countries. We do not neglect the embassies of the states with which Romania had profitable trade relations until 1989 and which represent an immense latent potential for Romania. Of course, the central objective of these efforts in terms of economic diplomacy is to draw attention to the existing economic potential in Northeast Romania.

We want to, through the implementation of an innovative entrepreneurial policy, implement a credible, visionary, and promising perspective plan in the Moldova EuroRegion that will place us in the registry of “Entrepreneurial European Regions” in 2025. This way, investments and foreign trade can be accelerated in the six counties of Moldova.

May God give each of us good thoughts, because only together can we succeed!”

With confidence,

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