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What do antrepreneurs from Iași expect after the elections?

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What do antrepreneurs from Iași expect after the elections?

Forumul Economic Regional Moldova 2024 – Vatra Dornei, 4–6 iulie

Following extensive consultations within the business community, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași urges newly elected politicians from various electoral categories to adopt a series of effective initiatives aimed at revitalizing the economy.

In this regard, entrepreneurs clearly and precisely express their expectations from future political leaders in the form of a set of essential measures to support economic expansion, ensure fiscal stability, and promote a conducive environment for business development and expansion.

Given that this appeal comes at a crucial moment, when elections will shape the course of Romania’s economy, the business community emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to ensure a prosperous future.

These requested measures are organized into three distinct categories, as presented below:


  • Allocation of financial resources up to 6% of GDP for Education.
  • Abandonment of partisan pride and promotion of joint, coordinated actions in the public interest of Iași between the administrative-political, academic-university, and socio-economic environments.
  • Campaign to promote IAȘI as an economic and strategic hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine and for the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union.
  • Development of a strategy for the growth of Iași County to achieve a population target of 1.5 million.
  • Attraction of investors through participation in public-private partnerships at trade fairs, exhibitions, economic missions, and government meetings.
  • Reduction of bureaucracy through the digitization of administration and public institutions.
  • Reduction of public expenditures through administrative reorganization, decentralization, and outsourcing of some state services/activities.
  • Stimulation of public and private funding for research-development-innovation and the implementation of the Industry 4.0 policy.
  • Practical campaigns to combat climate change, reduce pollution, and manage waste.
  • Organization of cultural, educational, scientific, and sports events of international significance.
  • Encouragement and development of entrepreneurship through predictable and stable legislative and fiscal measures.
  • Full accession to the Schengen area and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
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  • Adoption of the Urban Planning Zoning Plan (PUG) for Iași.
  • Construction of road passages to streamline traffic flow at major intersections.
  • Establishment of parking lots in public and tourist interest areas, residential areas, and park & ride zones.
  • Metropolitan train in the Iași Metropolitan Area.
  • Construction of nurseries, kindergartens, and schools in the metropolitan area.
  • Expansion to 3 lanes of the Ciric-Airport access road.
  • Development of balneotherapy-spa area at Băile Nicolina.
  • Relocation of the penitentiary.
  • Headquarters for the National Opera.
  • Headquarters for the State Archives.
  • Customs office headquarters.
  • Stadium, multipurpose hall, swimming pool.
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  • Completion of the A8 Motorway sector Moțca – Iași – Ungheni and execution of related radial roads.
  • Intermodal transport hub at Cristești – Holboca.
  • Completion of the 400 kV Tecuci – Iași – Stânca Costești electrical ring and development of energy infrastructure for wind-solar projects and for prosumers.
  • Governmental cloud data center.
  • Hydrotechnical development for irrigation and navigation on the Prut River; completion of hydropower development works at Lunca Pașcani.
  • Modernization of the Roman – Iași railway, doubling and electrification of the Iași – Tecuci railway.
  • Emergency regional hospital and regional specialty hospitals.
  • Technological and innovative engineering industrial parks in Iași, Pașcani, Hârlău, Tg. Frumos.
  • Complete bypass beltway for Iași: North, East, South.
  • Establishment of a helicopter/drone fleet for surveillance of Romania’s Eastern border and for emergency missions.
  • Development of utility networks in all rural areas.
  • Rehabilitation of the Moldova Exhibition Center
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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași

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