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Lețcani Commune serves as a model of development in the North East Region of Romania!

Letcani Stelian Turcu - Moldova Invest


Lețcani Commune serves as a model of development in the North East Region of Romania!

Forumul Economic Regional Moldova 2024 – Vatra Dornei, 4–6 iulie

The commune of Lețcani, located in the metropolitan area of Iași, represents a successful example in the North-East Region of the country, thanks to the constant efforts of the local administration focused on economic and social development.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the commune, such as the establishment of the Lețcani Industrial Park, a project nearing completion that will contribute to economic growth by attracting investors and generating new job opportunities.

Mayor Stelian Turcu is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents of the commune he represents, a fact supported by the projects he has presented in this interview aimed at outlining a representative picture of the commune of Lețcani. Therefore, completed projects, those currently in progress, and future objectives have been presented, providing an objective assessment of the development process.

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Primaria letcani - Moldova Invest

A good infrastructure, including roads, transportation networks, energy and telecommunication connections, and utilities, can facilitate business development and attract investors interested in accessibility and efficient connectivity. Mayor, please provide us with concrete data in this regard (completed or future projects and the results achieved).

The year 2023 was financially challenging. However, despite all the difficulties and inequalities in the allocation of VAT quotas from the State Budget Law, the commune of Lețcani moved forward with local economic development projects and new funding from European and governmental sources. Through the efforts of our administrative team in the town hall, the following projects have been completed:

  • Completion of the “Establishment of a sewerage network and pumping station in the villages of Bogonos, Cogeasca, Cucuteni” project worth 9 million lei;
  • 95% completion of the large-sized sports hall construction in Lețcani, including stands and parking;
  • Extension of natural gas to the villages of Cogeasca and Cucuteni over 3 km and commissioning of natural gas pressure through an RMC installation
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– with triple the capacity of the previousmone, thus providing the possibility of connecting households to natural gas;

  • Extension of the sewerage network by approximately 2 km in the village of Cogeasca;
  • Rehabilitation through paving of the village roads in Cogeasca following the extensions of the sewerage and natural gas networks;
  • Execution of connections and private extensions in the villages of Lețcani and Bogonos;
  • Thermal rehabilitation by installing heating systems at the Lețcani Primary School;
  • Commencement of works within the project “Modernization through asphalt paving of local roads in the village of Bogonos”;
  • Initiation of works at the LEȚCANI INDUSTRIAL PARK with completion at 80%;
  • Support for large-scale private investments – industrial halls – which will generate employment opportunities and increase the revenues of the commune of Lețcani.

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Stelian Turcu Letcani - Moldova Invest

“I am honored to be the mayor of the Lețcani Commune and am eager to start new projects that will benefit citizens in all component villages”

During the year 2023, the commune of Lețcani initiated a series of funding contracts for the following objectives:

  • Digitized traveler stations with intelligent signaling on the European Road DE583;
  • Provision of educational furniture at Lețcani Primary School, funded by the Iași County Council;
  • Installation of three electric vehicle charging stations within the commune of Lețcani;
  • Acquisition of a utility vehicle through the “Stejarii Argintii” Local Action Group;
  • Development of a synthetic sports field located near the Sports Hall in Lețcani;
  • Photovoltaic park in the commune of Lețcani;
  • Preparation of documentation for the construction of a swimming pool;
  • Designing for the construction of a railway overpass on European Road 583 (before Transagropolis);
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  • Sports Hall at Lețcani Primary School;
  • A second nursery in the commune of Lețcani;
  • A new Cultural Center in the commune of Lețcani;
  • Extended-hours kindergarten in the commune of Lețcani;
  • After-school programs at Lețcani Primary School;
  • Modernization of educational infrastructure through the construction of a green school in the commune of Lețcani.

stelian turcu - Moldova Invest

The availability of skilled labor and wage competitiveness can influence investors’ decisions, and local training and education programs can contribute to enhancing the qualifications of the local workforce. What data can you provide to give us insight into the dynamics of the workforce in your locality?

The organizational structure of the Lețcani Town Hall comprises 85 positions, including 2 public dignity functions, 24 civil servants (19 effectively occupied), 23 positions for contractual staff (16 effectively occupied), and 36 personal assistants. The Environmental Protection Department includes:

  • Expansion of the door-to-door recyclable waste collection system throughout the entire commune, starting January 1, 2024;
  • Implementation of a video surveillance system consisting of solar-powered cameras installed at critical points affected by illegal waste dumping, where there is no power grid, to identify and penalize those who illegally dispose of garbage;
  • Conducting six door-to-door awareness actions on separate collection of recyclable waste, composting organic waste, and other similar aspects (questions, clarifications, etc.);
  • Organizing four cleanup actions in partnership with Lețcani Primary School and other volunteers as part of the national campaign “Clean Romania!”;
  • Conducting creative workshops with recyclable materials during Green Week in collaboration with Lețcani Primary School to increase students’ awareness of recycling, recovery, reuse, limiting consumption, and reducing waste generation;
  • Increasing the percentage of recyclable waste collected from individuals to 12% (compared to 4% in 2022); including the quantities delivered by legal entities to other operators besides Girexim Universal SA in the recycling percentage/commune reporting, thus reflecting the actual situation within the commune’s area and eliminating obligations to pay the Environmental Fund.
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letcani - Moldova Invest

In the schools of the Lețcani commune, 814 children are learning, guided step by step by 60 qualified teaching staff, in suitable educational spaces. The necessary funds for the proper conduct of the educational process have been provided from the local budget.

There is a communal library operating permanently in the commune with a collection of 11,000 volumes. The nursery in the village of Lețcani operates permanently for an average of 30 children per month.

Regarding the health of the commune’s citizens, this is ensured by family doctors through the operation of 4 individual medical offices, 2 dental offi ces and 2 pharmacies.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that I am honored to be the mayor of the Lețcani Commune and I am eager to initiate new projects in the future for the benefit of the citizens from all component villages. I hope that all interested parties will fi nd in me a dialogue partner who approaches issues constructively, in the spirit of commune development. I am convinced that only TOGETHER WE BUILD THE FUTURE!

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