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LEIER in Romania: A success story in the construction materials industry

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LEIER in Romania: A success story in the construction materials industry

Forumul Economic Regional Moldova 2024 – Vatra Dornei, 4–6 iulie

“We are excited to bring these significant improvements to our product offerings, continuing to support the development and progress in the construction industry. With the expansion of our production capacity and the launch of new products, we are prepared to successfully meet our customers’ requirements and contribute to the construction of sustainable projects.” – Adrian Minzat, General Manager, Leier Romania – Iasi branch

Strong presence in Romania

With five factories in the country, Leier not only provides high-quality materials but also contributes to the economic development of Romania. With a rich history and extensive experience in the field, they have consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality and sustainability.

With production facilities in various regions of the country, they can promptly respond to the local market demands and ensure that their products reach customers on time.

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Diverse product range

Leier stands out for the diversity of its construction product range. From bricks, concrete blocks, chimney systems, tiles, and pavers to drainage systems and solutions for ecological construction, the company offers a comprehensive range of materials and solutions for construction projects in Romania.

Leier’s products are known for their superior quality and attractive design. With suitable solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial constructions, Leier covers a wide range of construction market needs.

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Sustainability at the core

In an era where environmental concerns and sustainable development are becoming increasingly prominent, Leier is committed to making positive contributions. The company invests in environmentally friendly technologies and processes to minimize its environmental impact. Leier focuses on reducing energy consumption in production processes and using renewable resources whenever possible.

In a bold move towards sustainability and social responsibility, the Leier Group has initiated the installation of photovoltaic systems in three of its production facilities in the country. The factories in Iasi, Sighisoara, and Unirea have become hosts to ambitious projects with the primary goal of producing electricity from renewable energy sources, specifically solar energy.

An important aspect of this project is the energy capacity produced, which will cover approximately 35% of the annual electricity consumption of the three factories.

Investments in infrastructure and technology

To meet the growing demand in the construction industry, Leier has made significant investments in technology and infrastructure. The company’s five factories in Romania are equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, ensuring the superior quality of their products.

Referring to the Iasi factory, the group announced investments of approximately 25 million euros in the construction of the vibro-pressed production line, a new storage platform, as well as the construction of new access roads and fencing, works carried out in the past year.

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Partnership with the local community

Another significant aspect of Leier’s involvement in Romania is its partnership with the local community. The company supports social and development projects, contributing to the creation of many jobs and improving the quality of life in the regions where it operates. Leier demonstrates its commitment to promoting the sustainable growth and development of Romania.

A bright future

The construction materials industry has experienced significant growth in recent years as demand for construction projects has increased worldwide. In this context, construction material manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to expand and enhance their production capabilities to meet customer demands. A notable example of this is the expansion of the production capacity of the Leier factory in Iasi through investments in the development of the precast concrete production line.

This strategic move was motivated by the increasing demand from Leier customers and the desire to provide the highest quality products.

Leier introduces a new Premium Paver Model

Less than a year after the commissioning of new precast concrete production lines at the Leier factory in Iasi, they have demonstrated their expertise, gained over the 55 years of the group’s activity, in quickly introducing premium, competitive products to the market.

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The latest additions to Leier’s product portfolio are the Castrum pavers, premium pavers under the Kaiserstein brand. These pavers are the result of constant market research to develop products that meet even the highest customer expectations in terms of design. This model is produced at the factories in Iasi and Catcau.

Kaiserstein premium pavers are made from the highest-quality materials to provide exceptional durability and a unique aesthetic appearance. Castrum, with its distinctive design and five color variants, as well as its multiple mixing possibilities, offers customers the freedom to personalize their outdoor spaces and create uniqueness.articol - Moldova Invest

Key features of premium pavers:

Elegant design and aesthetic variety: Castrum pavers have a distinctive design and are available in 5 colors that allow for multiple mixing possibilities, providing customers with the freedom to create unique projects with personality.

Durability and strength: Leier pavers are made from the highest-quality materials to withstand wear, weather, and vehicle weight.

Easy maintenance: Leier pavers are designed to require minimal maintenance and ensure a long lifespan.

This launch once again reflects their commitment to providing top-quality products and meeting the evolving needs of the construction materials market.

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